Guidance documents

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April 22, 2015
Developed through a collaborative effort across the Executive Branch, this Strategy outlines a comprehensive approach to tackling and reducing the impact of multiple stressors on pollinator health, including pests and pathogens, reduced habitat, lack of nutritional resources, and exposure to pestici
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November 11, 2014

Southern Rockies Landscape Conservation Cooperative Fiscal Year 2015 Applied Science and Capacity Needs

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September 24, 2014

This document is the product of an August 2014 workshop focused on defining a landscape approach to the Mississippi River Basin and Gulf hypoxia.

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November 14, 2013

The Grasslands - Landscape Conservation Design approach outlined in this report is centered on a set of actions and principles that will help resource agencies and stakeholders work collaboratively to identify Great Plains Landscape Conservation Cooperative (GPLCC) landscape goals and management...

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April 12, 2013
The global challenges of climate change will significantly alter the future of wildlife conservation in America. To meet these challenges the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service must adapt to provide better science capacity at the landscape level.
Preview image of PPP-LCC-Final-Charter_2013.pdf
April 12, 2013
The Plains and Prairie Pothole Landscape Conservation Cooperative Charter references the authorities that allow for the creation of this LCC, defines the membership and roles of the LCC constituent parts, specifies the Charter Review Process, clarifies the governance of the LCC, and outlines its ope
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April 1, 2013

In partnership with State and Tribal agencies, the Obama Administration today released the Nation’s first strategy to help public and private decision makers address the impacts that climate change is having on natural resources and the people and economies that depend on them.

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March 4, 2013

This document provides the foundation for the LCC Science Coordinators Team, or LSCT.

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December 3, 2012

In 2012, The Nature Conservancy published “Talking Big: Lessons Learned from a 9,000 Hectare Restoration in the Northern Tallgrass Prairie” in the online, peer reviewed journal Sustainability.  The Plains and Prairie Potholes LCC provided support and and guidance to the larger project...

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August 17, 2012

2013 Southern Rockies Landscape Conservation Cooperative Draft Communications Plan
Updated: August 17, 2012

Preview image of PFLCC_charter_February_24_2012.pdf
February 24, 2012

The Conservation Cooperative is a broad-based partnership of organizations concerned with the conservation of natural and cultural resources, including fish and wildlife; their associated habitats; ecosystem function and resiliency and maintaining sustainable landscapes within the region.

Preview image of Southern_Rockies_LCC_Governance_Document_Final.pdf
September 8, 2011

Southern Rockies Landscape Conservation Cooperative Governance Document - September 2011

Preview image of Southern_Rockies_LCC_Final_Operating_Plan_9-8-11.pdf
September 8, 2011

Southern Rockies Landscape Conservation Cooperative 2011 Operating Plan

Preview image of GPLCC_Charter.pdf
June 23, 2011

This Charter, developed in June 2011, provides for mission, organization scope, steering committee composition and responsibilities, and other topics in order to frame the governance structure of the Great Plains Landscape Conservation Cooperative (GPLCC).

Preview image of GPLCC_Action_Plan.pdf
December 15, 2009

This preliminary action plan was developed in December 2009 as a starting point to outline the form and function of the Great Plains LCC.

Preview image of 2012_0709_LCT-Charter_Adopted.pdf
July 9, 2012

These documents provide the foundation for the LCC Coordinators Team, or LCT.

Preview image of CSC-LCC_Implementation_guidance_21JAN2011.pdf
January 21, 2011

This guidance document explains how LCCs and Climate Science Centers (CSCs) will function to integrate science and management expertise to provide information on best management practices in order to support strategic adaptation and mitigation efforts across the U.S. and internationally.

Preview image of DOI_SecretarialOrder_3289A1.pdf
September 14, 2009

In signing Secretarial Order No. 3289 on Sept. 14, 2009, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar directed Department of the Interior bureaus to stimulate the development of the LCC network as a response to landscape-scale stressors, including climate change.